Our Programs

Dedicated to improving the health of children and families, CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health improves access, linkage and coordination of local children’s health services and programs while serving as a leading voice in collaborative efforts to improve the health and well-being of the Lancaster Community. Every child and family has a unique health journey, our goal is to serve as a supportive voice and companion on their path to growing up healthy and happy.

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Our mental health and wellness services include a full suite of behavioral health services for children, support for families, and advocacy for all.

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Our classroom and virtual teaching programs focus on creating happy, healthy children and families.

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Providing a new approach to childcare, with a developmentally appropriate health-focused curriculum.

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Healthy communities aims to improve and transform the health and the outlook, not of a single patient or family, but rather of a whole community. The program, services, activities and experienced offered enhance the lives of every child and families engaged with CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health.

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