An Evening with Michael Steele

Creating Healthy Communities: An Evening with Michael Steele

How do we create and sustain healthy and thriving local communities? Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele shares his perspective and advice.

How do communities maximize their potential? What steps should we be taking and exploring to help all members of our community have an opportunity at success?

While we all have different ideas, different beliefs about the role of individuals, businesses, organizations and government in the success of our community, we all hold true to a common belief that our community has the potential to be speacial and has the opportunity to thrive.

Join CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health for a candid conversation with former Lt. Governor of Maryland and former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele as we explore what is necessary for communities across the region, the state and the nation to be healthy and thriving.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

VIP Dinner and Reception (Carr’s Restaurant) – 5PM

Lecture and Q&A (The Ware Center, Lancaster PA) – 7:15PM

VIP Dinner and Lecture Tickets – $125

General Admission Lecture Tickets – $50

Read Michael Steele’s full Bio here

100% of ticket sales support the programs and services of CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health in the Lancaster Community.

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