What To Expect In Care

We want to be honest, the family-focused approach is not ideal for every patient and family. The model of care provided by CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health requires the participation of all household members at some level throughout our time together. Some families are not able to make this commitment. We understand this and will gladly provide families interested in pursuing other care options with referrals to local providers who may be more appropriate.

New Patients

Upon enrollment, patients begin an evaluation process over their initial 4 to 6 weeks with CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health. The evaluation includes:

  • An initial care team meeting (30 minutes) during which the patient and family meet the CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health team partnering with them on their health journey
  • A family wellness assessment (60 minutes) completed by the family’s Family Wellness Coach. This assessment is most often completed in the family’s home.
  • A therapy assessment (60 minutes) conducted by the CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health therapist who is part of their specialized care team.
  • A psychiatric evaluation (90 minutes) completed with the psychiatric provider (psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner) with whom the patient and family are partnering.
  • A roadmap meeting (60 minutes) during which patients and families are presented with summaries of all evaluations and recommendations on opportunities that can be addressed through their partnership with CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health. During this meeting, families identify their desired focus areas and establish goals and timelines for engagement with the program.

Once the assessment period has concluded, patients and families engage with CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health and their team at the level of intensity and frequency required to tackle the identified opportunities collaboratively.

On-going Care with CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health

Improving our health is hard work and requires a commitment. The improvements we seek do not always happen as quickly as we hope and sometimes we experience surprises and new opportunities along the journey. Through it all, the team at CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health is here to support the children and families engaged in our care at every turn and are ready to explore new opportunities that may emerge along the journey.

We ask participating families and children to make the same commitment. At a minimum, the family will need to invest close to 10 hours per year working directly with their care team as we work together to tackle the goals and the opportunities necessary to improve the health of their child. This will especially be true at the start of our journey together.

Types of Appointments that may be scheduled as a part of your care at CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health

Type of
30 MinutesEvery 1 to
3 Months
Therapy60 MinutesEvery Week to
Every Month
Therapy Assessment
(for non-therapy patients)
60 MinutesEvery 6 Months
Family Wellness Coaching60 MinutesEvery 6 Months
Case Management15 MinutesAs Needed
Goal Setting Meeting60 MinutesEvery 6 Months

To schedule an appointment please call the behavioral health center at 717-947-6535 and speak with a member of our patient support team.

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