Healthy Columbia

Walking through downtown Columbia you can see the deep and complex history of the community and sense the roots from which it grew. You can also feel something intriguing, something exciting –vibrant energy coursing through the streets, businesses, and homes. This energy, inspired by the past, is fueled by hope for the future.

Through hard times and celebrations, pandemics, political and social unrest, and uncertainty the pulse of Columbia has continued to beat strongly for its children, its residents, and its families.

CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health-Healthy Columbia partners with the Columbia community to unlock the potential of every child and inspire possibility within every resident and family in this great community.

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Early Childhood Experience and Education

In today’s world it’s normal for families to struggle – most families do at one time or another. A parent loses their job; the car breaks down; the electric bill is higher than expected – too often many things go wrong all at once. The joy of having children should never be a burden. The families of Columbia borough have a partner in CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health – Healthy Columbia.

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Fresh Food Access and Nutrition

Good nutrition is essential to good health. Healthy Columbia is working to increase the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables to all members of the Columbia community.

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Health and Wellness Navigation for Families

Healthy Columbia works to connect and provide children and families with education, resources and services that are essential to improving health and well-being.

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Safe Homes and Neighborhoods

Objective: Revitalize the neighborhoods of Columbia Borough by supporting and creating a safe, healthy and welcoming environment in which all residents and families have the opportunity to thrive.

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Columbia families and residents have a partner in CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health. Our family-focused approach embodies the best traditions of the Borough and strives to create a vibrant community where opportunity is accessible to everyone. Our Every Child, Every Opportunity Program is built to unlock the potential of every child and family.

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