Hank the Health Hero

Hank the Health Hero is a champion of healthy choices who inspires children throughout Lancaster County to adopt healthy habits. As an energetic and imaginative 8-year-old puppet, Hank’s healthy habits make him heroic!

His healthy attitude is contagious and his goal is to share it with new friends far and wide. Since 2015 Hank has been recruiting brave children to help him stop the spread of germs, fight tooth decay and understand feelings. Pledge to make healthy choices and be a part of Hank’s Hall of Health Heroes!


If you would like Hank the Health Hero to come visit your school or organization contact Kate Ewell at [email protected] or 717-947-6523. Or visit Hank and Friends’ Online Classroom https://chisjcheducation.thinkific.com/courses/Hankandfriends.

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